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Mother’s Days Gifts ideas

April 29, 2015

Mother’s day is coming up fast. So, what’s for mummies this year? Team Trolley have picked up what we think our mothers will love.

It’s the beautiful Crystal Terrariums. A Terrarium filled with semi precious gemstones for your mum and it’s specially assembled by you. No fret because it is really easy to assemble. All the gemstones selected are in their raw and natural forms. The combination of the crystals signify abundance, happiness, wealth, positive energy and promotes good health.

Air plants are added to complete the modern living art garden terrarium look. Being low maintenance plants, air plants do not require soil to grow and prosper. They simply require bright, indirect light and water once or twice a week.

Since these terrariums are of no hassle and easy maintenance, we are sure all mothers will like to receive one of these terrarium which signifies love and light & happiness.


IMG_4887_1IMG_4893_1 IMG_4876Wealth Terrarium3

More designs Trolley Garden

Crystal Terrarium sets now available for online at

For custom made or another enquiries email

Only have limited sets.


March 25, 2015

Remember Trolley?

Remember our shop, Trolley? Once located at 88 Club Street Singapore. We miss our little shop so much. How about you?

Garden Galore!

August 31, 2014

We have a new category up online. The ‘Garden’ is a collection of products for the garden and inspire by the garden. You will find quirky designer vases, handmade planter pots and garden decorations in this collection. If you are looking for a great gift or center piece to add to your apartment, we recommend cacti and succulents planters.  Suitable for both minimalist modern decor and traditional interior decor, cacti and succulents are really easy to take care. They require little water, bright and airy space., that’s all they need.   Click on to see the ‘Garden‘ collection on Trolley’s webstore. Garden Galore   Check out some of the Succulent planters planted by Succulent SG.   SucculentSGgrp

Find us online at

April 30, 2014

We have closed our store but we are online.

Frankly speaking we miss all of you and our store at Club Street so much.  Some supporters has emailed us severals times to bring back Trolley physical store. We are not to sure when will this happen at this juncture.

But our bosses are doing a lot of buyings lately.  Especially Mindee, she has recently brought back many cool stuffs to Trolley. Do check out our site and we hope to see you visiting our online store instead!

Friends from around the globe. Welcome to Trolley and thank you for shopping with us!

We are at

Santa is being really nice tis season.

October 9, 2012



History has shown that the best things in life are not necessarily large, like mini cupcakes, Atom Ant and newborn puppies.

Remember our small and mighty Cube Speakers that you were always eyeing for? Here’s probably your lucky chance to get it for yourself or your buddies!

Trolley is offering a one time only deal on GROUPON, yes, for $22.90 now and previously at $89, it is for real. You don’t want to miss it! Hurry before the deal ends tomorrow!

Sayonara Club Street!

March 26, 2012

With a heavy heart, We will be closing our physical Shop at 88 Club Street till further notice.

But on a happier note, We will launch our online store that’s gonna be even more awesome.

A big Thank you for all the love & support!

Our last day at Club Street will be on 31th March 2012.

Do stay tuned on our website for more new and quirky surprises!

We definitely look forward to serving you at our online store!


got queries?

email us at

fb trolley


Sincerely from the Trolley Team 


Luggage Sale!

March 16, 2012

Luggage Sale!

All trolley luggage at 50 % off!

Seletti KADREGA foldable chair

March 16, 2012

Seletti KADREGA foldable chair

20% off!

Seletti Pantone foldable chair

March 16, 2012

Seletti Pantone foldable chair

20% off!


March 14, 2012


$400 ONLY!