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IPad Cases

July 5, 2010

2 weeks ago, i received a gift from a good friend. I didn’t expect it but was pleasantly surprised to have it. Although this Apple product will be reaching our shores in end July/August, i definitely did not mind having a hold on it first.

Yes, the Apple IPad indeed.

Happily, i went search of a good case or cover for my new toy. Been to many places, including Epicentre, Macshop, iStudio, etc but just nothing caught my eye. It was either it’s just another silicon slip-on or another canvas or leather zipper case.

So i decided we needed something different, something good-looking and something that makes my gadget looks its’ worth. After much wait, our stock finally arrived and i’m definitely pleased to have it in Trolley now.

They have a snug design for IPad with little pockets for accessories and of course made from premium quality material. Most importantly, they are well-made  to secure the IPad well.

These cases are as good as they look and only very limited stock are available. So, you might want to call the store to make a reservation.

Finally, while you are at the store, you might just want to also get the Wood/Marble mini speakers to accessorize your IPad. FYI, the speakers work brilliantly when you are on IPod or YouTube.

Now Available at Trolley, 88 Club Street, Singapore.

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  1. July 30, 2010 1:08 am

    The PaddiCaddi is the secure and easy way to mount your iPad to your bicycle or motorcycle. Take your iPad along on your bike to have an easy to read GPS, listen to music, get weather reports, traffic conditions, etc. The PaddiCaddi mounts on your handlebars. It is fully adjustable and will rotate 360 degrees. The iPad is securely held in place with a silicone rubber sleeve. Almost anyone can install it in minutes without the use of tools.
    Checking out e-Bay as “iPad Bicycle”, “iPad Mount”, the seller is TPFIINC.


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