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Spiff Up Your Kitchen

November 30, 2010

Trolley Blog

Chop Chop (Meat, Bread)

It’s more than a chopping board.  A chopping board shaped like a cleaver, serves as a chopping board as well as keeps your bread/meat knife safe.

Salut Bowl (Ice-cream, Salad)

Shaped like a martini cocktail glass, allowing you to hold it between 2 fingers exactly like the cocktail glass. Its unique design also holds the fork for your salad or ice-cream spoon, which is included.

Lalu Fruit Dish

No more wet fruits sitting in pools of water with this self-draining platter. Comes with the twig-like forks that fit perfectly into the holes adding some sense of pleasing appearance once your dish has finished.


Spice Doll

This spice jar ensures that seasoning your dish will be at the right amount. The sorting spoon on top allows you to see the amount before pouring and wastage is minimal as any left over will drop into the bottle easily.

Sauce Jar

Transfer your sauces into this jar and you can measure the quantity you want from the readings on the bottle. With a flick of your wrist, you can transfer perfect amounts into your cooking. Remaining goes back into the bottle with any wastage.

Cooker Trivet (Gas, Electric)

This is a ceramic trivet disguised as an electric or gas hob on your kitchen top. It does keep your dishes warm and your kitchen top cool.


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